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  • Full automatic Allocation workshop

    Full automatic Allocation workshop

  • Weighing equipment

    Weighing equipment

  • Full automatic control center

    Full automatic control center

  • Control room for Reaction workshop

    Control room for Reaction workshop

  • Reaction workshop

    Reaction workshop

  • Reaction workshop

    Reaction workshop

  • Reaction workshop

    Reaction workshop

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    Mixing tanks

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Shandong Polymer Additives Co., Ltd established in 2006, is located in Shandong, China.
The company currently has 260 employees, including more than 27 professional concentrated in R&D.
Our main business is PVC additives including Acrylic processing aid, acrylic impact modifier, CPE impact modifier, Lubricant and Stabilizer.

Based on the strict quality control and modern full-automatic production system, we are ready to provide our customers with best cost performance additives as well as technical support includingrecipe, extruder, process adjustment etc.

You can find following additives for your rigid PVC Business:

● Ca-Zn Stabilizer & Lead Stabilizer

● Chlorinated Polyethylene(CPE)

● Acrylic Processing aid

● PVC Lubricants

● PVC One Pack Compound

▋ What Makes Polymer Additives Outstanding?

    ● More than 12-year experience in PVC industry.

    ● Strong R&D capacity brings suitable products and technical support to you.

    ● Control quality from raw material to finish products.

    ● High automation level brings lower cost and consistent quality. 

▋ Our Service Commitment.

    ● Quick response to your request, 7*24 on line.

    ● Formula optimization according to your recipe and extruders.

    ● On call for technical and adjustment service at your plant.

    ● If you meet any quality problem due to our products, we will bear all your loss.

You can check getting more infomation.

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