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 Lead stabilizer LS-25


Lead stabilizer LS-25 is a high efficiency and multifunctional high technology product. It is widely applied in PVC foaming board, profiles, pipe, pipe fitting, WPC, foamed sheet and other PVC plastic products.

Key property

It has very good dispersibility and compatibility in PVC system. And it has good thermal stability, good rheological performance, wide range for processing, long period for mold cleaning,etc.

Product index


Reference formula


Recommended application

1. Keep the original formula unchanged. The recommended dosage is 3-5 PHR.

2. Adding Lead stabilizer LS-25 together with the PVC resin and other additives into the high-speed mixer.

3. Keep the temperature about 120-125 ℃ for 8 ~ 10minutes.

4. Cooling down the mixed material to normal temperature.

5. Move into extruders and start extrusion process.

6. If you need to increase and decrease of CaCo3 content or adjust the lubrication system, please contact our technical service team: E-mail:


The product should be stored in cool and dry surroundings.

The shelf life is two years, it can be still used if qualified by inspection after shelf life.


25KG/bag with PP bag and PE inner or Kraft paper bag.
600KG/bag Woven bag.

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